G'Day Mates

A good day indeed. Yesterday, the sun was shinin’, the temps were hot, I had pancakes for breakfast, I received TWO packages, and best of all I am off to SAN DIEGO today to visit my wonderful sister! Can’t wait! I am so excited and will definitely be bringing some goodies with me to share.

As I said, I received two packages yesterday. One all the way from Australia (as acknowledged by the title :)). Cool!

G'Day Mates

I love rice cakes and  think  they are a great base for all sorts of toppings. So, I was very happy to receive some sample packs from the Australian company, Corn Thins. Real Foods produces these crunchy cakes and they come in nine varieties. Some made with corn, rice, other grains, and a variety of flavors.

I was sent the original corn flavor in two four cake packs.

G'Day Mates

These have the simplest ingredient list for all of  their varieties (corn, sea salt, and sunflower oil) and are thinner than a typical rice cake. They were really fresh and had a great crunch to them.  The serving size is two cakes but they are small enough and the nutritionals are so low that I had all 4 for a snack. I topped one with humus and cucumber, one with peanut butter and apple butter, one with cottage cheese and tomatoes, and one with greek yogurt and salsa. All topping combos were delish and the thins held up very well even with the heavier toppings. The other flavors they offer sound great and I would love to try them…especially the ones with flava bakes right in! Some of the other varieties include: Multigrain, Cracked Pepper Lemon, Sesame, Soy and Linseed, and Rye…hmm hmmm. Check out all the details here.

For my second review of the day I was sent a few samples of the new Musselman’s Healthy Picks Applesauce. The flavors they have created are awesome…..definitly the most unusual I have seen for applesauce. They sent me Blueberry Pomegranate, Key Lime Cupuacu, and Raspberry Acai.

G'Day Mates

G'Day Mates

The texture is comparable to regular applesauce , but what makes Musselman’s unique is that this brand of products has No Added Sugar and has such defined flavors! I tried the Raspberry Acai and the Blueberry Pomegranate so far and loved both of them. Love those flavor combos! For more info on this healthy applesauce visit their website, see if Musselman’s is available near you…..def. worth buying!

G'Day Mates

As I mentioned, I am leaving to visit my sister today. We have a lot planned and I can’t wait…..tons of fun photo opportunities! So far we think we might be going hiking at Torey Pines (Tiger Woods played there last year), taking a ferry to Catalina Island, maybe going to a Padres game, and figuring out the rest of the trip as we go along. I definitely want to hit up Costco and Whole Foods while I am out there for some hard to find goods. Love Costco…it’s HUGE!!!

I am bringing some snacks for the plane, reading material, and school work. That should keep me busy during a long day a traveling.

G'Day Mates

Educational reading material, perhaps? :)

Before I go, my mom made an awesome dinner yesterday, grilled ginger lime salmon with homemade healthy sweet potato salad<- def. the best potato salad I have ever had….and its healthy…..BONUS!

G'Day Mates

I belive the ingredients included: sweet potatoes  w/ skin, dill, red pepper, scallions, celery, onion, radishes, plain yogurt, Dijon mustard, a little mayo, and various spices. Whatever was in it, it sure was good!

Oh and you are probably all wondering who won the giveaway I held earlier this week. Well without further a due, the winner is……..Alex!!! Congratulations and thanks to the few of  you that entered! As for the winner, I will need you to email me your information so I can send your winnings out to you ASAP. My email is proulxkr@roadrunner.com.

I hope you have a wonderful day and rest of the week. I will be blogging from SD…..so expect some great pics.



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G'Day Mates

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