Injuries: Positives and Negatives

I can’t believe how many people in the blog world are injured right now! It’s really crazy actually. We were all probably so sick of winter that as soon as the weather started to warm up a bit, we got really excited, and maybe over did it too fast. I know I have definitely learned my lesson and have realized the importance of rest for the body. This knee injury is really the first (and let’s hope last) major injury I’ve had (meaning something that’s stopped me from being able to exercise) and over the past 2 weeks I’ve really learned a lot from having it. There has been both positives and negatives.

Aside from the obvious negatives of having and injury (i.e. PAIN!!!), there were definitely some underlying negatives that I didn’t consider when I first got injured:



Injuries: Positives and Negatives

~Being injured definitely brought up some feelings of guilt and worry in me. Not being able to workout, definitely made me anxious sometimes and I really got upset because I thought I would lose all my strength and stamina that I had worked so hard to maintain. I was especially worried about my running abilities going down the tubes. I kind of had to force myself to take a step back and look at the situation in a more positive light: this injury is only going to be for a tiny chunk in my life, not running or doing cardio for two weeks isn’t gonna kill me, and in fact it will prevent me from being hurt in the long run! I can always work back up to the mileage I was at, but I can’t run again if my knee’s are ruined from over work…..just gotta look at everything in perspective.~

*Comparison Trap

Injuries: Positives and Negatives

~I have to admit, it’s pretty hard reading about other people’s amazing (and fun!) workouts while you can’t be doing the same yourself. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself with other people’s accomplishments and feeling bad about yourself for not being able to do the same. But this is another time where I had to reassure myself that it was okay to give my body rest (and that that’s in fact what it NEEDED) and that I have to do what’s best for my me and health, not feeling like I need to keep up with the rest of the world.~

*Missed Movin’

~My whole family is so active! We bike, run, and walk everywhere….so it was really difficult to be so immobile ( I can only imagine what someone with a long term lower body injury goes through… must be awful). Like I mentioned a few times on the blog, I was getting antsy!  I hate sitting for long periods of time and kept feeling the need to get up and do something…soo distracting!~


*I had to get CREATIVE!

~Having a lower body injury meant really having to get creative with workouts! You never realize how much you use a certain part of your body until you can’t use it anymore. Running and really any fast paced cardio was completely out of the question because that’s how I injured my knee to begin so I really had to think about ways to get around my knee issues. Exercise videos, strength training (more on this below), biking, and core work became my best friends over the last 2 weeks! I had to adapt a lot the moves in the exercise videos I usually do, but overall I was still able to get a pretty good workout in from them.~

*Built some muscle!

Injuries: Positives and Negatives

yeah....I'm definitely not THAT strong, but I have noticed an improvement from the weight training!


~Like I said above, I focused a lot on strength training these past two weeks. Weight lifting isn’t my favorite (I’m definitely a cardio lover!), but I do know how important it is and it definitely helped me maintain my strength while injured. In the next few days, I’m gonna share my favorite strength training moves that helped me stay fit without hurting my knee.~

*Learned the importance of rest days

Injuries: Positives and Negatives

ice, heating pads, and motrin have been my best friends on rest days!


~Before getting injured, I had never taken voluntary rest days (only took them when there was absolutely no way to fit in a workout). This is probably one of the reasons I got injured to begin with! I know now that giving your body a day of to rest and recuperate is just as important and working it out!~

*Learned to listen to my body more closely

Injuries: Positives and Negatives

~ Some days I frankly don’t feel like exercising. I’m sure most of you have had these types of days too (possibly? :)) when you are just tired, unmotivated, and busy! Prior to getting hurt I would usually just brush these feelings aside and continue with my planned workout. But since my knee was hurt and I actually had a reason to skip a workout on days when I was having these feelings on top of everything else, I realized how good it felt to give into my body once in awhile. And ya know what I noticed? The next day, when I actually wanted to workout!, I had a better more successful sesh because I wanted to be doing it, not because I felt I had to!~

*Became more grateful for having my health

~Seeing how tough it was for me to go just a short 2 weeks with an injury, I gained a lot of perspective about those who have to live like this all the time. I am so lucky to have myself and all those feelings of guilt over workouts and worry about my physical condition completely went out the window, when I consider how hard it would be to be permanently disabled. It really humbles you and makes you realize how stupid it is to worry about appearances and workouts when it is only a small aspect of your life and that in the long run a week or two of missed workouts will do nothing to change the outcome of your life. Being a well rounded, healthy (both physically and mentally) individual is so much more important!~

Tell me: How do you deal with injuries? Have you ever experienced any of the pos/neg’s I went through?


Wow! This post became really wordy….sorry about that! I will definitely be back tomorrow with some fun pics and possible a…VLOG! So stop back tomorrow for some fun!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. says

    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about here. I think it’s important to have the right attitude while you’re injured. The last few days were rough in my social life, which made it hard for me to stay positive about guilt, not being able to run off my frustrations, etc. Today was awesome, and I was able to maintain a positive outlook with regard to my injury. Its so important to just keep our heads up and keep icing!

  2. says

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Especially since it led me to yours. :)
    I had to deal with an injury for a couple weeks a month or two ago. I hurt my foot and could only do low impact cardio, aka not running. It drove me crazy! By the end of that period of time, I was so sick of the bike and elliptical, I couldn’t wait to get out and run again. I’m not so sure if I’d handle a serious injury well, especially since I love my cardio and get antsy if I sit around all day.

  3. says

    this is a great post! and what i needed too! us injured gals… definitely when i first got injured i freaked out and was angry.. but same with you I have increased my strength training and im so much stronger!! these are such great points.. esp realizing how lucky we are to only have a small injury not something life long! great post!

  4. says

    I’m lucky enough to have never had a serious sports related injury (touch wood) even though I used to compete at a pretty high level! I think – well, hope – I would be sensible enough to deal with one correctly now, though. I recognise the importance of rest, no matter how irritating it might be!

  5. says

    Great post! I keep reading blogs and so many runners are getting injured! I definitely believe in listening to your body and stretching before any kind of exercise :D

  6. says

    Great post! You have turned it around in your head and you now have a great attitiude towards your injury. When I had an injury I realised how much time I had to do other things – read, see friends, go walking, paint :-)

  7. says

    ugh needed this post today. My ankle is doing something funky and I am going to health services tomorrow to see what’s up. hopefully I’ll be back up and running (pun intended) in no time!! Thanks for the post- it’s reducing my guilt for resting :)

  8. Kloe says

    I’m dealing with a femoral stress fracture from running, and will be out of running action for at least probably 8 weeks.
    I’m absolutely devastated, but am thinking of the positives- being able to get creative with my fitness routine, get my spin on and even try my hand at swimming or deep water running.
    I will see this as a learning experience for me, and I’ll come back as a stronger and healther runner, and smarter as I’ll know what my body can take, and how to train properly while taking care of myself!

    and I know I’ll appreciate all the things I could do before, sooo much more, when I’m back doing them again!

    • says

      I am sorry you’re having to deal with such a serious injury. Just know that the more you put into healing properly and resting up, the stronger and faster you’ll be able to come back! You have the rest of your life to run :) Thanks for commenting!


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