Insanity vs. P90X

Did you hear about my fitness fiasco today?


Yeah, I am sure you can tell how I felt about that. I was so mad! I go to the gym expecting a good workout and leave feeling unfulfilled and just all around grumpy. My mom and I were not impressed. So instead I came home and did a quick Insanity workout instead. Aaaaaah…much better.

Speaking of Insanity, as you all know I recently got my hands on both Insanity and P90x! I have been trying both out over the past few weeks and have really developed strong opinions on both.

I wanted to compare the two for you all and share my thoughts so you can get a better idea of what system may be better if you plan on trying one of them out!
*Note: I am not a medical or fitness professional and am only sharing my personal thoughts on these two workout series. Also I have not followed the series according to the program calendars. I have only tried out the individual workouts in no specific order*

I am going to run down my lists of pro’s and con’s of each system, plus share my preferred series out of the two!

First up P90x!

I was so excited to try this out after all the hype I had heard about it and how addicted people seem to be to it.

But sadly, I set my expectations a bit to high.


  • good length
    I typically do 1 hour workouts and most of the p90x workouts are about this length so they fit into my schedule perfectly.
  • focus on strength training
  • make’s sure you maintain good form

Tony (the instructor) constantly reviews and reminds you of the proper form for each move performed.

  • timer at the bottom of the screen

I like knowing how long I’ve got left!

  • good variety

There are DVD’s for literally every part of the body!

  • beginner modifications available


  • slightly creepy, old dude as your instructor (sorry, Tony Winking smile)

He’s kind of corny too…ha.

  • not as challenging as I would’ve hoped
  • very common moves used
  • some workouts to focused on jus strength or just cardio, not a mix of each
  • not fast paced enough for me

Now on to, INSANITY!

I had even higher expectations for Insanity then I did for P90X, but luckily with this one I was not disappointed.


  • short, efficient, and intense workouts

The workouts are under an hour but believe me, your heart will be pumpin’ and the sweat will be pourin’.

  • unique moves and exercises
  • HOT instructor (Helloooo Shawn T.) and very fit, motivating people on the DVD’s

  • timer for entire workout as well as individual circuit
  • CHALLENGING beyond belief
  • great cardio, but still builds muscle

I gotta show you my abs! They may just rival Shawn T’s Winking smile

  • great warm up and cool
  • emphasis on stretching, rehydrating, and refueling
  • endurance building
  • recommends breaks throughout the workout

This makes all the participants seem much more human. Its nice to see them take breaks when they need to and even nicer that the instructor recommends them!


  • pure cardio for the most part, with not much strength training (even though you do definitely build some strength from doing the workouts)

  • could get a little boring after doing the DVD’s a few times

But that’s really it! It was surprisingly really hard to come up with negatives about it!

So I am sure you can probably guess which one wins in my book……


I am officially hooked! I especially am enjoying the workouts since school has started because they are effective and don’t take to long…..which is always nice when you’re busy like me!

SO what do you think?

Which program sounds better to you?

If you have tried Insanity or P90x what did or didn’t you like about them?

Have you ever gone to a fluke fitness class like the one I went to today?

Tomorrow’s Friday!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!


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  1. says

    I love fitness DVDs instead of going to the gym! I have done both P90X and Insanity, and prefer P90X because I like the strength training aspect. I do a lot of cardio because I do triathlon, so strength is my missing element.

    They are both great programs, though, and both serve their purpose well! Good DVD workout programs are just the best because you can save so much time in the day by not having to travel to the gym!

  2. says

    I’m doing the insanity 60 day challenge now, and it’s definitely intense. I really like that they actually stop,too…as i haven’t done a full video without stopping. I think it’s impossible! im hoping i see some results! I also like that it doesnt require any equipment and I leave the workout feeling like I couldn’t have done any more.

  3. says

    I WANT TO TRY INSANITY. ahhh that sounds amazing. Especially Shaun T :) I think it would be better to have cardio videos to do at home because I can NOT motivate myself to do cardio on my own when I can’t get to the gym or run, but I can motivate myself to strength train. At the same time, I can’t strength train every day (gotta repair!) so I would love to check these out!

  4. says

    Hi Kaila! :-) I’m glad you posted this, and maybe I should do something like it too because I am a team beachbody coach! Actually, you should consider doing it too! It’s fun, and you get discounts on stuff! I actually agree with you a lot. Tony is kind of corner, but it makes me laugh lol. I like Insanity better too. You really don’t need to buy any equipment at all. With p90x, you also have to buy a pull up bar, all kinds of dumbbells and resistant bands, but it is still a great workout too. With Insanity, what I’ve been doing lately is mixing up the first month and second month, that way I don’t get too bored. I notice that if I keep doing the same dvd’s, I get really bored and that doesn’t help with keeping up with the dvd!

    Great post :-)
    And seriously, anyone can be a coach!

  5. says

    Totally agree with you girlie. I have both and LOVE Insanity. It does focus on strength, but more so using your own body weight. But yes, no “classic” strength training as P90x does. I also found it kind of “dark” and slightly corny. A little too intense for me. I love the Insanity workouts because they really get your heart pumping, even if you complete half of it! such a good cardio blast! They really do get old though. I have some of them completely memorized and now play it without sound so I can blast my fave music instead. :) It works and definitely helps!

  6. says

    I am so with you on like Insanity more! I have done both and the P90x guy really just creeps me out haha. after the Insanity workout, i was literally covered in sweat haha

  7. says

    Loving your pros and cons layout for the review, nice and easy to read. i’ve never tried either – they are not UK vids but after reading your reviews, amazon here I come! Probably I’ll go with the fittie instructor on Insanity though ;)


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