It’s the freakin’ weekend

And I’m ‘bout to have me some fun!

100 brownie points to anyone who can name that SONG!

YES! Made it to another weekend friends!

Here’s what’s getting me excited for the weekend:

1. New kicks!

It’s the freakin’ weekend

Got these on sale at Marshalls!!! Only 30 bucks and they are SO nice. I also got this sweater….gotta love the discount stores!

It’s the freakin’ weekend

2. RUNNING with fresh legs!

I took a few days off from running because my legs were sore but now they feel grrrreat! Completely refreshed. And just in time because I planned out such a fun new route for tomorrow! Can’t wait It’s the freakin’ weekend

3. Pretty Nail Polish!

It’s the freakin’ weekend

I layer those two up and get such a pretty combo!

4. Grilled Food/Cookouts!

It’s the freakin’ weekend

(Roasted veg, roasted sweet tater, great northern bean mash, grilled portabella mushroom!)

It’s the freakin’ weekend

This bean mash is seriously addicting. I always forget about it but when we pull it out for get togethers it NEVER disappoints. I pretty much ate the whole bowls on my own. No shame. It’s the freakin’ weekend

Love Summer grilling!


It’s the freakin’ weekend

(Oh hey Keith Morrison)

Yes, I am 70 years old and I spend my Friday night’s watching Dateline. But I just love it! And yesterday’s episode was so good!

6. Saturday Morning Farmers Market!

Apparently the farmers are getting their first stone fruit harvest this week….peaches, plums, and nectarines!!!

7. Summery Salads!

It’s the freakin’ weekend

Beets, gala apple, feta, cucumber, red onion, capers, and creamy balsamic dressing!

What’s getting you excited this weekend!?


Pizzle to the Swizzle (where did THAT come from!?!?!): Keep those Formspring questions coming!


  1. says

    I love the R.Kelly song reference! I’m just excited to have a pretty lazy weekend ahead of me (if you don’t include my leg training this morning!). And I LOVE summery salads–I used to be a fan of the Tomato & Mozzarella salad from Panera until they drastically changed it :( But their Strawberry Poppyseed salad is another fave!

  2. says

    The farmers market is what I’m excited for this weekened :D

    That nail polish is really pretty! I always have my toes painted but I’m challenged when it comes to painting my nails :P

  3. says

    YES!!! i love that pastel nail polish!! and i need some new kicks fo sho!!!!! im excited that im done with the SAts for now.. and the sunny weather and that skl is almost out!

  4. Tara says

    I love running on fresh legs! It feels so nice after being sore for so long. I’m looking forward to that when I get back on my feet. I was getting what I call championship legs – sore and slow everyday except during your race. It feels terrible but it’s worth it when you PR. Soon I’ll be back to normal with forced rest!

  5. says

    Hey! I’m getting caught up on posts and oh my, your recipe on your last post looks SO GOOD. I gotta get me some dried mango!!

    My massage got me pretty excited for this weekend…it was pretty dang glorious!!

  6. says

    Thank God for the weekend! Nice R.Kelly reference- I only know it from my Mom, who is obsessed with him. I’m excited about moving in to the new kitchen!

  7. says

    YAYYYY for the weekend! I am LOVIN’ all that stuff! The nail polish combo must look so pretty ♥ The northern bean mash looks absolutely amazing too; bookmarking it for sure!

    Have a great Sunday Kaila!

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