Just What the Doctor Ordered

More on that later.

Today was a pretty great day! It started with a meeting about my China trip (discussing visa’s, travel info, etc.). It was really informative but I still have SO many questions…I’ll have to save them for the next meeting or look them up on my own. 

At school in two classes we got to watch films today, Hotel Rwanda in Global and The Girl with the Pearl Earing in Art. I have seen Hotel Rwanda  a bunch of times but it still affects me the same way every time I see it. It is so sad that something as destructive as genocide can take place in the world we have created. The Girl with the Pearl Earing is based on the famous artist, Vermeer’s, painting with the same title. It’s pretty good so far, keeping my attention at least.

Speaking of paying attention, the whole school was very distracted today with the arrival of…..YEARBOOKS!

A very exciting day of the year, mostly because of the buildup of these quasi scrapbooks. Lots of advertising and hype takes place at my school regarding the sale of yearbooks… so it’s exciting when they FINNALY come in. Unlike most people, when I get my book I go through it page by page, right from the start. Usually there is a type of flow that the yearbook crew tries to create and I like following it! This year’s theme was Destinations, kind of like a scavenger hunt leading to an X (that’s how they set up the book). My favorite pages to look at are the clubs and activity pages, as well as the senior poll pages. I plan on keeping my yearbooks forever as mementos and for fun, to look at when I am older. Do any of you still have your old yearbooks? Do you ever revisit them?

Well back to the subject that the title of this post implies. Like I said the doctor was into day. Dr. Kracker that is!

As their website exclaims, these organic, all natural (absolutely delicious) crackers are “HOME OF THE UBER CRUNCH”! My kinda cracker. And let me tell you these flatbread crackers do not disappoint. The company was generous enough to send me their 8 flavors of crackers. 2 boxes of the larger flatbreads and 6 of the crisps….all in amazing flavors. 

My first sampling adventure involved their Cherry Semolina, Humus Maximus, and Pumpkin Cheddar flavors. YUM! I love all these flavors as is and in cracker form they were even better. The Cherry Semolina was perfectly sweet, with a hint a tartness and had a great mix of chew and crunch from the seeds and soft dried cherries on top. The Humus Maximus’ flavor was perfectly appropriate for its name, very buttery and smooth like freshly made humus. The sesame seeds went perfectly with the humus-y undertones. The spices in these babies give them a mediterranean flair. I ate these with roasted garlic humus, go figure. Very Good.  The cheddar pumpkin didn’t have a strong flavor of pumpkin (like that of canned pumpkin), but the flavor of the pumpkin seeds give these crackers a great taste all the same. The cheddar cheese a top the flat breads is really flavorful and goes well with the other seeds and flours.

I was first introduced to these crackers on some other blogs I read. I bought some of the Original flavor Klassic 3 Seed awhile back and absolutely loved them. unfortunately, a lot of the other flavors are not available around me…so I truly appreciated these samples for an opportunity to try the other ones. Not only are these crackers super crunchy, very delish, and addicting, but they are healthy as well. Loaded with lots of fiber and good brain boosting fats!

Try em’ out for yourself! I highly recommend!

Locally they are available at Wegmans, Lexington Co-op, and Feel Rite Fresh Market.

Well, it’s “comedy night done right” on NBC, other wise known as Parks and Rec-Office-30 Rock night at my house!

Getting ready for some laughs!

Ciao for now,


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