Make it a (Fun)day

(Loved all the comments on yesterday’s post! Glad we can all agree that venting is totally necessary sometimes!)

I know we all pretty much feel the same about Monday’s.

Just the world’s way of saying…”gotcha! you have to wait a whole 5 days before your next break! ha!”.

But we can fight back against the Monday (or should I say early in the week, since most of you will probably be reading this on Tuesday!) blues!

Here are some things you can do to get your week started on a brighter note…

-wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit…when you like what you’re wearing you automatically feel a bit better!

-prepare a special breakfast/lunch/dinner…make it something that you really love, it’ll give you something to look forward to as you tackle the stress of the day!

-DVR your favorite show or put in a classic movie….nothing like some good entertainment to de-stress and relax from a busy day.

-plan a meet up with friends or a a special stop on your way home from school/work…it’ll give you the motivation you need to power through the less than fun parts of your day.

or maybe….

Fill out a fun survey for a little fun!

I know, I know…everyone and their sister has been filling out this survey lately…but I really wanted to do it to! It’s funny every time I find a survey I want to do…its seems like EVERY blogger is doing it at the same time! Ha! Great minds think a like I guess!

What did you eat for breakfast?

This morning was pumpkin oats with a ton of different toppings, two eggs with salsa, two oranges, and a glass of veggie juice!

How much water do you drink each day?

No where near enough! To be honest, I probably have less than 8 ounces a day….horrible, I know! It’s one of the area’s of “healthy living” that I skimp on. I just never feel very thirsty…and when I do I usually reach for juice or milk. I think I get a lot of water from all the fruits and veggie I eat though because I never feel dehydrated.

What is your current favorite workout?

Right now I am loving anything outside where I can enjoy the beautiful weather! Walks, runs, bike rides, tennis, anything!

How many calories do you eat each day?

I don’t count calories but if I had to guess I would say around 3000.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?


Bars, crackers with various toppings, soup, yogurt with cottage cheese, rice cakes with pb, carrots with sunflower seed butter, smoothies with granola, cheese and crackers, sweet potatoes, fruit cereal bowls!

What do you usually eat for lunch?


When I pack my lunch for school I bring soup in a thermos, salad/sandwich, yogurt or cheese, veggies and dip, and some sort of fruit!

What is your favorite body part to train?

Legs and core.

What is your least favorite body part to train?


Shoulders and triceps….blech! Tricep kickbacks are the death of me.

What are your “bad” food cravings?

I don’t really have any “bad” food cravings! I usually just crave all the foods I like to eat!

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take a calcium and vitamin d supplement.

How often do you eat out?

I would say once or twice every two weeks. And my family and I usually go out for special occasions as well.

Do you eat fast food?

Nope. I used to when I was little but I kind of grew out of liking the taste of those foods. I much prefer fresh homemade, whole foods. If I am forced to eat fast food if we are on a road trip or something like that, I just try and go for the healthiest choices on the menu. You can really find something healthy in any situation…you just have to be creative Smile

Who is your biggest supporter?


My mom, dad, and sister for sure! Oh and Ella….animals love you unconditionally after all!

Do you have a gym membership?

Yes I dopaid for it myself.

How many hours of sleep do you get each night?

I would say any where from 6 to 8. I am usually a really sound sleeper but for some reason I haven’t been getting quality sleep lately. It’s left me feeling really groggy all day long.

Do you have a “cheat” day?

Not really…I just eat whatever I am in the mood for everyday. And my favorite foods just happen to be those that people wouldn’t really consider “cheat” foods.

Do you drink alcohol?

Nope…no interest whatsoever.

Do you have a workout buddy?

No, I actually prefer working out by myself. But my family is really active so we always end up doing exercise type stuff together.

What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?

My overall energy, attitude, physical health, mental well being, and outlook on life has become more positive. I have discovered my true passions and have really found myself as a person as well.

What was the last healthy thing you did?

Ate a delicious night time snack and did a full body weights workout!

Hope you all had a (fun)day instead of a boring old Monday!


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  1. cakeswithheart says

    Surveys are always fun little distractions for me too. I actually had a great Monday, although a very busy one! I fit in a good outdoor run and swim, despite also having to cram in studying for finals and the SAT! I can relate to so many of your survey answers!
    Love reading your posts. (:

  2. says

    i don’t mind mondays too much but i remember when they were the worst in high school! i would basically roll out of bed and put on a pair of running shorts or yoga pants and a sweatshirt. bam! all ready to go. then i’d go through the day and sleep when i got home :)

  3. says

    I love your approach to this survey :)

    I didn’t realise you were back to running either – I’m so happy for you! And so behind when it comes to keeping up with posts – apologies!


  4. says

    Thanks for the tips Kaila! I like to treat myself to a nice meal and some good tv at the end of the day. It’s definitely my relax and unwind time!

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