Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

For so many reasons!

Okay so hiking didn’t happen but my parents and I still did a lot of fun stuff today!

This morning we took Ella for about an hour long walk in the beautiful sunshine. It’s finally looking like Summer here! Thank god!!!!

Then after lunch we took a LONG bike ride down the to waterfront to just ride around and see the sights.

Here are some fun pics from the day:

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

A lil’ baby cardinal!

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway) 

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to have off from school. And aside from that….what a perfect day to honor all the members of the armed forces for everything they do for us everyday! Putting themselves before others….that is true heroism right there. So thank you to everyone out there serving our country! One day is surely not adequate to commemorate all the hard work you do!


Now I ‘m sure all of you are dying to know who won my giveaway…..two winners!!! Well, if you simply cannot wait any longer than you can scroll down and find out who the lucky two are, but if ya can wait a second I’d love to share my thoughts on the book that the LOVELY team over at Vega sent me!

I was honored when they asked me to review one of their team members new books and excited to find out that the book was about everything I love: Health and Nutrition!!

As I mentioned before the book is called Must Have Been Something I Ate (one of you will be receiving a copy!!) and is written by the fabulous Peggy Kotsopoulous (any Uncle Jesse fans out there?!?!)!!!

Memorable Monday (review+giveaway)

One of the first things I noticed, and loved, about this book is how personable Peggy is. I literally felt like I was having a chat with a friend throughout the entire thing. Her writing is friendly, easy going, and humorous. And her approach to healthy living is something to aspire to!

“Our lives are surrounded by choice……What you choose to eat each day is probably one of the most important decisions you make. What you eat directly impacts your thoughts, your actions, your mood, and your psyche. What you eat is what you think, and what you think is what you become.”

Right!?!?! Love that!!!!

The book centers around eating to achieve your optimum life. Peggy swears by nutrition as being the keystone to living everyday to the fullest and feeling your best while doing it! Her advice for doing this is unlike any I have ever come across and I especially love how she explains the specific benefits of each food she mentions by delving into exactly what effect it has on the body.

The book is broken up into 4 sections:

*Food-Mood Connection

*Food-Weight Connection

*Food-Beauty Connection

*Food-Health Connection

and of course….


We’re talkin’ everything from: quinoa cookies to “glammed up” guac to zucchini linguine with pesto!!!! Oh yeah.

As you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this book (and I’m sure the winner will too!)! Not only did I learn a ton, but I respect Peggy SO much as a source for amazingly important information. I would love to meet her someday!

Before I announce the winners I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite little quotes from the introduction of the book (you really get to know Peggy from this part!):

“There is no excuse for not feeling your best.”

“It’s not about major life changes like giving up your favorite things, running away to some boot camp or signing up for a reality TV weight loss show. It’s about making little changes that collectively can add up something ginormous—completely transforming how you look and feel”

“When you eat clean, it quiets your stomach. When you have a quiet stomach, you have a quiet mind, and when you have a quiet mind, you can listen to your heart—and your heart speaks the truth.”

“Food is energy. It nourishes our cells and our souls. Practice conscious eating. Know where your food is coming from and who is preparing your food.”

Thank you so much Vega!

And a big thanks to all of YOU for entering my giveaway!!! I won’t keep you waiting any longer:








Book Winner:

Cereal Winner

Congrats Ladies!!!!

Please email me at with your shipping info and I will get your winnings out to you ASAP!!!!

Welp, that’s all for me today folks! Hope everyone had a wonderfully restful weekend and a great start to their weeks…..back to the grind tomorrow!


PS: Head on over to my formspring page to ask me any questions you may have!!!

Also, any reader request post ideas?????



  1. says

    I’m so jealous of the giveaway winners and you because you had such an awesome day! Mine probably would have been awesome if I hadn’t gotten hurt.. I jammed my toe, which is actually excruciatingly painful. Who knew?!
    Readers request… or at least Tara’s request is what do you use for your protein cake recipe? I remember there was an issue with it so you had to take it down, but it looks so good so if you could at least email it to me that would be lovely :)

  2. says

    It looks like you and your parents had a really fun day even if you didn’t get a chance to hike.. biking is fun as well! LOVE the picture of the cardinal :)

  3. says

    it looks like you had SUCH a fun day kaila! the pics are gorgeous!
    and that book looks like it must be so GOOD! i love the sections it’s divided into :)


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