Lady Gaga anyone?  I felt quite like the paparazzi myself today. Taking pics of everything…..random things, things of some relevance (at least I hope :)). Here are just a few to recap the day: 


Started off the morning with a trip to AAA, to get some estimates on my birthday trip to  New York before school starts next year. My mom, my grandma, and my aunt will be coming as well so  we can all celebrate together. We plan on doing the usual NYC touristy things, and also take in a broadway show (can’t wait) and a few unique endeavors. Speaking of broadway….we are having trouble deciding what show we want to see, anybody have any suggestions, recommendations? They’re so many good shows up right now, I just can’t choose! 

I sucessfully cut Ella’s hair last night ( well at least her face anyways), and it didnt turn out too bad. definitely not as good as Pet Smart, LOL. 

pooped after a long morning walk

 Here some other pics from the rest of the day: 

fav. lip shine made from all natural restorative ingredients that help my sunburned lips (ouch), smells delish too!

 Pretty flowers from the garden: 



Herb Garden finally planted!: 


all together now

 Pretty view of the parkway in front of my house: 


Ahh. Don’t you just love spring and summer…the scenary is so beautiful! 

After my softball game and dinner with my friends at Panera Bread (you pick two combo=happy Kaila), I returned home to find my biggest package yet! 


Food Should Taste Good Chips! They were generous enough to send me nine of their thirteen flavors, a few of their single serving bags, and their two NEW flavors! 

The Goods: 

New Flavors! Cheddar and Blue Corn. May be hard to find in stores right now but they are slowing rolling onto shelves. Visit the website if you would like to buy some!


I knew I had to try one of the new flavors first, so I went with Cheddar. 


single serve bag

 These were excellent! So crunchy like a tortillas chip, but thick and hearty like a cracker (just as the packaging says). So many different textures from all the wonderful grains (quinoa, flax, stone ground corn), and so cheesy. For being so healthy these babies surely do pack on the cheese (not literally but the flavor is so robust and delicious). definitely a great choice when you’re looking for a little snack in thee form of a chop. Great nutritionals as well, with servings under two hundred calories and ingredients that are not only pronounceable but are REAL foods! These chips contain no hydrogenated oil (!) and are made with expeller pressed  high oleic oil. Very low in saturated fat as well…all of it occurring naturally.  I seriously cannot wait to try the other flavors…especcially the chocolate (like a desert chip)…how unique is that? 

Thanks so much Food Should Taste Good for these amazing products! If you would like to learn more about these snacks please visit their website (its got some great info on what makes their chips unique) or buy some of their many varieties. 

Off to do a little yoga…I need a good stretch. I feel a cold coming on so maybe the yoga will help release some toxins. 

Have a wonderful evening! I think pancakes are in order for tomorrows breakfast :) 


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