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UPDATE: trying out a new look! We like?

Today was definitely a protein packed day of eats! Sometimes your body just craves what it needs and today it was asking for some mayjah protein power. I think i doubled up on the protein with almost every meal and snack today!

Lunch was no exception:

Protein numero uno: Turkey and feta panini (w/ apple Dijon, and spinach)…featuring Athenos feta!

Protein #2: Piled High Salad topped with egg white and humalsa dressing.

Protein #3: A big bowl of my mom’s lentil soup.

mini spoon spotting!

Sooo good and filling<-until snacktime that is.

Around four I whipped up a green smoothie.

Despite it’s pretty purple color, this monster was packed with spinach and mustard greens. Part smoothie, part softserve, all good. Here it is topped with some crunch:

kamut puffs plus ezekiel nuggets

I put a heaping scoop of whey protein in and this drink was really creamy. Too bad I didn’t get the mail two hours earlier today or I would have been able to use some of these goodies in my smoothie!

Check out the awesome goodies I got from the people over at Jay Robb today:

Talk about protein!

a visit from the protein fairy, perhaps? :)

Their company claims to be “the best protein powder on the planet” and from what I have learned about their products it is quite possibly true! Jay Robb, the creator of the Jay Robb protein empire, is a clinical nutritionist who makes sure only the finest natural ingredients go into the products his company puts out on the market. Even making “No Junk” protein bars to acknowledge the unhealthy, processed foods that are left out of his products while boasting the nutritionally dense ones that are always included!

Foods like whey, egg whites, natural sweeteners, nut butters, raw nuts, and fruits are used in unison to create balanced, incredibly healthy protein supplements and protein packed snacks.

The people at Jay Robb were really generous with samples so this review will be over a period of time. For my first item of sampling, I chewed the Cashew Coconut “No Junk” bar after my softball game and wow! was it good.

With a texture similar to hard chunky peanut butter, the flavor of both the cashews and the coconut really came through in this chewy bar. I was really impressed by the size of the bar too! For about the same nutritionals as your standard fruit and nut bar (except with more protein), this bar was so big! I love getting quantity for good nutritionals. Plus  cashews and coconut go so well together with their natural sweetness.

I can’t wait to try the other flavors I was sent, as well as the flavored protein powders. The Jay Robb shake cup I got is great and tomorrow I will definitely be mixing up a protein drink (can’t wait to try the pina colada and the strawberry banana powder)!

Another great things that came in the mail today…my AP scores!!! I am so excited, I got a 5 on World History and a 4 on English! YAY!

As for dinner tonight, I made up some of my go to veggie burgers! Spicy Lentil-Kale burgers! YUM-O.

I share the recipe with you guys tomorrow because I am getting tired and SVU is on (priorities people. LOL). Just know that these were fabulous and even my meat loving dad raved about them.

all dressed up

Served with roasted broc and grilled yams. Good meal before my game (and those burgers pack a ton of protein for being meat free).

Sleep well.


PS. For those of you that were wondering: the Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread is fabulous! So sweet and fragrant (I was standing over the toaster as it cooked….it just smelled so durn good!). I had some with some Earth Balance and sprinkled cinnamon. Sinful Well actually sinless, this stiff is no sugar added and made with all the sprouted grain goodness of the other Ezekiel products. What was a splurge this week is now a staple. :)

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