Schools Out for Summer

Schoooools out for-EVA!

Sorry I couldn’t resist :)

Well that’s it I am officially on VACATION! When the clock struck three and I finished up my Chemistry exam, my school year (FINALLY) ended. No more homework, no more studying, no more STRESS! YESSSSS! The only other part of school I have to worry about are my exam grades and my report card that I should be receiving sometime in July.

Today was a pretty good day all around (aside from exams). I was happy to find a treat waiting for me at my front door when I arrived home. The lovely people at Dr. Kracker sent me their new prototypes for their lower sodium crackas. Although I thought their original recipe was fantastic, a little less salt, why not?

I immediately tried the Klassic 3 Seed (which is my fav. flavor) and was surprised at how similar the crackers tasted to the originals, definitely not lacking in flavor. I thought they seemed crunchier…which I really enjoyed….and the taste of the grains was more pronounced. Almost sweeter? All in all both the originals and the lower sodium make for great snacks…. both encompassing their own tastes and textures, almost like two different varieties. I could see myself eating one or the other depending on what I am in the mood for (salty or sweet perhaps?). Both are all around great crackers and I would buy either or once the low sodium’s hit stores.

I want to share with you guys some of the things that truly brightened my day today. Even though it started off rainy and grey….it turned out to be a great day because of the wonderful things around me.

Pretty flowers:

Neighboorhood Pride:


Blue Skies breaking through on a cloudy day:

Beautiful Buildings:

Buffalo Culture:

Puppies at my feet:

Natural Beauty:

What brightens your day?

Off to veg in front of the TV….can’t remember the last time I was able to do that.


PS. now that I am off from school I am going to work on getting my recipe page up….keep a look out for it and remember you can subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page!


  1. Melissa says

    Congrats on another year of school under your belt!! Enjoy summer vacation (oh how I miss those days)!

    Any word on a job yet? Love ya!

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