Simply Choices FLASH Giveaway!

[Did you miss yesterday’s post? It’s an important one about not letting fear rule your life! Go check it out!]

Hi everyone! Poppin’ in on a Tuesday for another FLASH giveaway for you all! A lot of people seemed to really like the last one so I thought I’d do another so you all could have a chance to win some fun stuff! As you know I’m a Wellness Partner with Simply Choices so I often get shipments of product to share with all of you! Some of my favorites are their Simply Protein Crunch and they recently came out with single serve boxes of each of their flavors. A lot of you have expressed interest in wanting to try the Protein Crunch but have been having a hard time finding it. Well, now’s your chance!

Up for grabs is a 1 box of Chocolate Mint Simply Whey Protein bars, 1 box of Raspberry Coconut Simply Protein Crunch, and 1 box of Banana Caramel Simply Protein Crunch (my favorite flavor!).

Similarly to the last FLASH giveaway, you will have 24 hours to enter! I will announce the winner in this Thursday’s post! So enter below and GOOD LUCK!
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Todays’s Healthy Help: Cut the hedges for my house and my neighbors!

Never too early to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for this week’s round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!


  1. says

    Being very specific, my favorite way to get protein is to go nuts! I love roasted brazil, almond, cashew, hazel, … all nuts!

  2. Maryann D. says

    I gave some fun items to a nursing home so they can share them with the residents and brighten their day!

  3. mendy t says

    #HealthyHelp my sons and i stopped by a small local restaurant for lunch only to find the owner crying and saying she’s got to leave and close the restaurant (there were still a handful of patrons dining). she left, locked the door, ran out saying everyone just leave when done and that the cook would close up. my sons and i helped close down the restaurant. we cleaned all of the tables and restocked the cabinets. the cook was overwhelmed to have the help as he was there alone and frantic as he prepped all of the food for the evening. sometimes, you just know God put you in the right place at the right time to be a servant.

  4. mendy t says

    my favorite way to get protein in my diet is by using protein powder to make things like protein pancakes (with zero calorie Walden Farms pancake syrup, of course!), homemade pumpkin protein bars, etc.

  5. kelsey says

    My favorite way to get protein has to be either chicken or seafood –I love orange roughy, salmon, and shrimp!

  6. Yoojin says

    great giveaway! i shared some #healthyhelp this morning by a simple act… the janitor at my work was struggling getting through one of the doors, so i went back to go hold it open for her.. it made me feel good :)

  7. Yoojin says

    my favorite way to get in protein is either hemp seeds, or a soft boiled egg! of course, protein powders are great too :)

  8. Kristyn says

    my #healthyhelp for the day was staying late at work so a coworker could leave earlier to spend time with family!:)

  9. Jordan says

    I love cottage cheese, eggs, and any type of fish as my preferred protein sources. Quest bars are my favorite sweet source of protein.

  10. Jordan says

    I shared some #healthyhelp this week by offering to take on some extra work so my co-worker could take the long weekend off

  11. Carly Jor says

    I follow you on Bloglovin’ and I helped my neighbors pack and am planning them a surprise party! #healthyhelp

  12. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Something nice i did recently would have to be give up one of my shifts at work to another girl who really needs some extra working days.

  13. Nikki Fahey says

    Where did the numbers come from when you pick? it’s not me Nikki F? huh? I would be excited:) Take care


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