The Quintessential Summer Drink

When I think of summer I think…


The Quintessential Summer Drink


The Quintessential Summer Drink

Beautiful Flowers

The Quintessential Summer Drink

Beach Days

The Quintessential Summer Drink

Long Walks

 The Quintessential Summer Drink

Pleasure Reading

The Quintessential Summer Drink 

Fresh Foods

The Quintessential Summer Drink

Late Nights

The Quintessential Summer Drink

Bon Fires

The Quintessential Summer Drink

Farmers Markets

The Quintessential Summer Drink

and two of my favorite aspects are all the…


Today I have a delicious drink recipe that pretty much encompasses ALL of that!

The Quintessential Summer Drink

It bright orange, amazingly refreshing, and brimming with fresh summer produce. Not to mention its pretty much a dose of health in a glass…tons of nutrients babaaay!

Summer Sunrise Shake

Serves 1

1.5 carrots

3/4 cup frozen pineapple

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup soy milk (can sub coconut milk!)

(note: I used a vita mix to make this so I didn’t have to chop anything up and didn’t have to use much liquid…if you are using a standard blender you may have to chop your ingredients and add a bit more liquid!)

Place all ingredients in your blender (if using a vita mix, place on variable to start and then shift all the way to 10 and place on high…use the tamper to make sure everything gets evenly blended) and blend on high until evenly combined.

Pour in a glass, pop a cute little umbrella on top, and be ready to get transported to an island oasis.

The Quintessential Summer Drink

If you’re feeling really wild…top with a little shredded coconut or add some right into the blender.

Delicious, nutritious, and oh-so summery!

r="#000000" size="2">Enjoy friends!

Do you associate certain foods with past memories, times of the year, or events?

What’s you quintessential Summer food?

Are you a smoothie person or a juice person?

(I may never use my juicer again now that I have the vita mix! It is SO much easier to clean up and you get the added nutrients since you can put your ingredients in whole instead of having the pulp all removed!)

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