Up in Ma Studio

What has the world come to?

Even funnier than this little diddy…..

I love funny audition tapes! I was honestly laughing for about 10 minutes straight when SPONJETTA (yes that’s her name!) came on Americas Got Talent to reprise her original song, Studio…..ahahaha so great!

I had to head right over to work today from school, so snackage had to be packed last night.

Up in Ma Studio

I always get hungry after school because I eat at such weird times during the day (don’t have a lunch period this year) so I make sure to bring something to work with me.  Punkin yogurt with a mix crunchy thangs, veg with humus, and a hard nectarine (the way I like em’). Kept me full till closing time rolled around and it was time to head home for dinner.

Mediterranean pizza was on the menu for tonight!

Up in Ma Studio

Whole wheat pita with red pepper humus, a bit of sauce, greek seasoning, Baba ganoush, red onion, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, and spinach! The pita I used got so crispy in the oven after only ten minutes. Delish dish.

After chattin’ with the fam, checking out a small car show that was happening on Elmwood Avenue (random right? there were old V-dubs and I fell in love…I like the old Volkswagen beatles even better than the more modern ones), and working up a sweat with Excercise TV, I decided it was time for another snack. It marked the return of a purchase I made a few weeks ago but forgot in the depths of the freezer.

Up in Ma Studio

TJ’s bran muffins! After thawing in the microwave these babies were as good as ever. I’m realizing they are a little bit to sweet for my taste……but the cake like texture makes up for that.

Up in Ma Studio

I decided to try my muffin a top a SIAB (smoothie in a bowl) a la Allie from  Live Laugh Eat. I usually go for crunchy toppings on smoothies, but the dense soft texture with creaminess of the smoothie mimicked cake and ice cream! A perfect end to a great day of eats.

Up in Ma Studio

Looks like a swamp, tastes like strawberry ice cream.

Okay I have to go see who wins AGT…..I am hoping Jackie Evancho wins (the 10- year old opera singer…..who sounds like a professionally trained, absolutely amazing singer…..look her up on YouTube if you’re not sure who I’m talking about, you’ll be blown away!).

Hello 2 days till the weekend.



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    Dang, I wish this comp had sound so I could listen to that video! Too funny.

    I had some of those bran muffins too, except mine were blueberry. I agree, they were definitely too sweet for me. Still pretty good though, especially when topped with a nut butter. :)

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