What Would You Do?

I have some goodies for you all today, in the form of my SECOND ever giveaway! And it is a big one! More on that later.

I watched a great show last night, ABC’s “What Would You Do?” (on at nine on  Friday nights). 

What Would You Do?It is a very intriguing in which hidden cameras are employed and  actors are used to set up situations in which witnesses are then observed to see how they will react and whether they will intervene. Last nights show featured a demeaning coach bullying worn out kid, a waitress being sexually harassed by her boss, and two women struggling to pay for their medications at a pharmacy. It was interesting to see how people reacted to the situations playing out in front of them. While some people stepped in to help the pretend victims, it was astounding to see how many people (who clearly saw what was happening) chose to do and/or say nothing. It was nice to see how genuine some people were in their attempts to help.  For the people who stopped, it’s nice to see that there are some truly compassionate people left in the world. If I witnessed a situation like the ones played out on the show, I know I would intervene. What would you do? 

It was so MUGGY yesterday… one of the most humid days we have had this Spring. I had a softball game and we were all so hot! I needed a good snack when I got home and luckily I received a long-awaited package! 

What Would You Do? 

No not real apples…..GRANOLA baked with apples and fruit instead of oil. This fabulous granola is out of this world or rather Galaxy Granola

What Would You Do? 

I have seen this Granola all over the blog world and have been so excited to try it out. I love granola and often make my own, but this granola is great because the ingredients are just what I look for in a healthy, wholesome snack. Claiming 2 whole apples in every bag, Galaxy Granola packs a lot of taste using all natural sweeteners and ingredients. They sent me three flavors to try: Not Sweet Vanilla, Raspberry, and Vanilla Almond. 

What Would You Do? 

For my first sampling I chose Not Sweet Vanilla. 

What Would You Do? 

Vanilla is not usually my fav flavor, but upon trying this straight out of the bag and a top some oikos greek yogurt, I was SOLD. It was so good. Not to vanilla-y..just right. I sweetness was on par with the name and tasted completely natural ( the sweetener in this flavor is agave nectar). I really liked the crunch from the rice crisps and the rolled oats were baked to perfection. I love need crunchy  granola and Galaxy exceeded my expectations…..especially for being baked with fruit and not oil. If you are looking for a healthful, flavorful granola… try Galaxy Granola. After a little research I discovered it is available locally at Tops Markets. Grab some! 

But before you do, you might want to enter my newest giveaway opportunity for a chance to try Galaxy Granola and a few other products I have been busy sampling! 

What Would You Do? 

What Would You Do?

closer look at the goods

Above: Vanilla Almond Galaxy Granola, Multigrain Food Should Taste Good Chips, Mango Maca Prana energy bar, Heart Thrive apricot flavor, and a Fruit and Nut Boomi bar

To enter all you have to  do is recommend my blog to at least 3 people and then leave me a comment telling me you did so! I will pick a winner Sunday at 5:00 EST ( gotta do it before the season finally of LOST! :)). Please only one entry per person. Good Luck to all who enter! 

Well, time for a rain dance… my season opener for my travel league is today! 

Have a relaxing, restful Saturday! 


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