WIAW 2.0 + Mini Link Love

How is everyone this fine Wednesday day!?! I am doing good because it has been an absolutely beautiful day here! Wow, talk about a turn around! Two weeks ago it was snowing and now we are hitting 80 DEGREES! Awesome, right?

Well one thing is for sure….all this nice weather has been giving me the running bug. I came home from school today and went for an extra sweaty running in the sunshine!

Yeah I was pretty red after this one. But I am definitely not complaining! Bring on the heat and sunshine any day!

Well enough of my shweaty face……let’s get on with the FOOOD!


overnight oats with softserve


whole foods corn tortillas with eggs, laughing cow, and jam+veggies with unpictured humus

tomato lentil soup!


carrot top with apple+blueb's+carob powder+almond milk


salad with sauteed tilapia + (unpictured) sweet tater fries and steamed veg


green monsta!

protein muffin.....no words.

Everything was delicious!

What was your favorite eat from today?

This post is gonna be double the fun because it’s LINK LOVE♥ time too!

(this one is gonna be kind of a mini one, since the post is split between two topics)

A  must read! Jess from A Taste of Confidence posted about “fat shame” and how fat is perceived in our society! Her words are so great and TRUE! I loved this!

How about a really yummy looking falafel recipe!?! I think YES!


Carrie from Moves N’ Munchies did a great guest post on fats (I’m seeing a trend here :)) and the importance they have to our nutrition and health! I love the visual she created about what fat is perceived as vs. what it actually is (FOOD!).

Found these vegan cinnamon-y treats on Little College Vegan and just had to share them because I love ALL things cinnamon. Especially baked goods!


I am now on Daily Mile! Be my fraaaaaaan (yes I mean friend)  if ya want!

Got any sites you’ve been loving lately? Link em’ up in the comments….I’d love to check them out!

Oh and before I forget! Remember to enter my recipe contest! I haven’t received hardly any submissions yet so for those of you who do enter you have a better chance of winning! :) I will be sharing the prizes in the next day or two! The deadline is May 18th!!!

One day closer the weekend people….oh yes.


  1. says

    Ahh I need to come up with something for your recipe contest!! Maybe this weekend? Me and my friend plan on having a bake fest, so that would be an appropriate time.
    Those cinnaminis look so good. I haven’t had cinnamon buns in forever!!!

  2. says

    I can’t wait to see the other recipes people submitted for your challenge. :)

    My favorite eat today were some PB oats! BEST STUFF EVER!!! Also, my dad got me some more Apples, so I’m one happy girl. :)


  1. […] To tell ya the truth I don’t ever weigh myself! The only time I ever get weighed is at the dr. But even if I did know how much I weighed I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it because it really is JUST a number and I wouldn’t want people comparing themselves to me or comparing me to others. Everyone’s different! And if you want to see a full day of eats (which I don’t do every day) you can check out one of my WIAW posts on my blog! Here is a link to one of them:http://healthyhelperblog.com/2011/05/11/wiaw-2-0-mini-link-love/ […]

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