WIAW: Big Birthdays

Guys, I am a bad blogger. I COMPLETELY forgot my little bloggy’s TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Last year I celebrated it up with a huge giveaway and nice recap post of my first year…and this year? NOTHING! Completely slipped my mind!

WIAW: Big Birthdays

I guess with senior year and upcoming exams I’ve just been a little distracted! But that’s no excuse!!! These past two years have been amazing…I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long. I am really proud of how my blog has grown and progressed…and a lot of that I owe to all of you. Thank you for all your support, feedback, comments, and encouragement. It means so much to me!

Here’s to another year of growth and fun!

(I guess this year’s celebration will be done with the announcement of my larabar giveaway winner…scroll down for the reveal!)

Aside from that big milestone birthday…I wanted to mention a birthday party my parents attended over the weekend. It was a family friends NINTIETH birthday!!! Talk about a BIG birthday!!! That certainly is a long and fulfilling life.

WIAW: Big Birthdays

Seeing people age so wonderfully like our friend and lead such great lives even into those older ages is so inspiring. I hope to live a long life like that! Happy and healthfully of course.

And now for the third celebration in this post…

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW! The party everyone looks forward to!

What I Ate Wednesday:

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[lentil salad]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[pb raisin tortillas+orange slices]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[tuna salad]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[matzo with black bean dip and cucs]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[yummy free trade coffee!]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[toast with laughing cow and apple butter]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[homemade pizza-my dad worked in a pizzeria when he was younger…he makes the best!]

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW: Big Birthdays

[my order of elevate me bars came in! so excited…16 grams of protein per bar babaaay!!]

What I Worked Wednesday:

WIAW: Big Birthdays

WIAW: Big Birthdays

Since I had the day off today I hit up the gym for some magazine reading and incline working. For anybody who says you can’t get a good workout in from walking is DEAD WRONG! I did those two interval workouts above (both from PBFingers!) and they were INTENSE!!! Level 15 incline is no joke, let me tell you!

And before I forget…the winner of SIX CAPPUCCINO LARABARS is……

True Random Number Generator: Result:78

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Dee on April 24, 2012 at 11:00 said:

Dream larabar flavor would have to be Mango Coconut!

(sorry for the absence of screen shots…my app isn’t working WIAW: Big Birthdays)

DEE!!! Congrats girl! Email me your info and I will  have the bars shipped to you asap!!


Who is the oldest person you know?

Have you ever tried incline walking as workout?

Favorite protein bar. GO!

Love you all!!


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  1. says

    Congrats on two years!

    It looks like you had an awesome day of eats :) I’d love some homemade pizza right now! I used to do incline walking a lot, but then I got more into running, now when I try and incline walk on level 15.0 I feel like I’m going to die!

    Favorite protein bar is the Chocolate Fudge Promax Low-Sugar- it are sweetened with stevia, sooo tasty, and packed with dietary fiber.

  2. says

    Happy 2 years Kaila :-)! That’s awesome. Gahh, can we be workout buds? I think it would be so awesome to have a workout buddy at the gym, otherwise I find myself getting bored :p. Plus workout buds are fun. All of your eats look great, you surely get in your veggies- something that I should definitely work on :p.

  3. says

    Yay! Congrats on 2 years! Happy Bloggy Birthday! I’m just about to have mine up and running and am SUPER DUPER excited! My favorite protein bars are the Pure Protein Double Chocolate one (I love the Strawberry Cheesecake version as well)! I think they’re tasty, chewy, and loaded with 20g of PURE PROTEIN!! WooHOOO!!

  4. onehealthymunchkin says

    Happy belated blog birthday!!! That pizza looks incredible – I want your dad to come make me pizza! ;)

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