WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Boy am I glad to be half way through the week! Last weekend was great, but this week started off a bit rough for me for some reason. Lots of emotions. Lots of thinking. And lots of resisting temptation. But I got through it and I’ll only be stronger in the long run for it. I am particularly happy today because not only is it WIAW (which I always enjoy sharing with you), not only do I have an awesome giveaway for you all, BUT ALSO I got news yesterday that my all time favorite comedian is coming back to Buffalo! WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! See, last time he was here I was making my way across the ocean to the Philippines. No regrets of course, but I was pretty bummed to be missing him! Well, lucky for me….he’s back!

Pete Holmes will be performing here in Buffalo on the 1st and 2nd of August. I could not be more excited. After listening to every one of his (extremely personal) podcasts, I feel like I know the guy! Already bought my tickets and am definitely planning on being front row center! I can’t tell you how much Pete’s comedy has really helped me through some tough times. I owe that guy a lot! WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! What’s good for me is what’s good for you because I’m in such a great mood that I decided to put together a fun giveaway for you all! My friends at Fiber Love are some of the most generous people I know and when I reached out to them about offering some of their BRAND NEW bars up for a giveaway, they happily obliged! I tried the new flavors a few weeks ago and FELL IN LOVE. In fact, these two are now my favorite flavors out of their whole line! So you’ll definitely want to take advantage of your opportunity to try them out!  WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now onto the eats….gotta love WIAW in blogworld! WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

wasas with cheese and tomato paste//shredded cheese//pistachios//krono bar WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

tuna sushi//japanese sweet potato//pear//laughing cow//roasted veggies//almonds WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

pumpkin pie SIAB

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

baked bean and cabbage salad//peanut butter and jelly english muffin//avocado WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

tortilla with cream cheese and tomatoes//scuffin//orangeWIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! tuna sushi//roasted veggies//kabocha//almonds

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! toasted pita with feta//lentil soup//avocado//turkey saute salad

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! potato//laughing cow//scuffin//pumpkin pie ALT bar

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! eggs//millet toast//avocado//sauteed bok choy and veggies

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! crab feast at Red Lobster

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! crackers with black bean dip, yogurt, and cucumber//shredded cheese//krono bar

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! mango ahi tuna spring rolls//sweet potato//pear//laughing cow//roasted veggies//peanut dipping sauce

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! sprouted lentil salad//black rice tortilla with cream cheese//almonds

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! carrots with peanut butter//cereal mix with almond milk//yogurt with cottage cheese, cocoa, and amazing grass//dried fruit//sliced apple

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! grilled cheese//pear//laughing cow

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! lentil-purple cabbage salad//english muffin wit peanut butter and jelly//orange//avocado

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! popcorn//simply protein crunch//sliced apple//kefir with cottage cheese, cocoa, and amazing grass

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway!

crackers with peanut butter and banana//mugcake (<—recipe coming tomorrow!)//almonds WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! ALT bar//nakd bar

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! strawberry watermelon SIAB (recipe shared on Instagram!)

WIAW: Fiber Love Bar Giveaway! toast//turkey-cabbage salad//pistachios

I am wondering if any of you have any post requests or questions you’d like answered! I’d be happy to take readers requests or ideas for anything you want to me cover on the blog! Getting reader input is much appreciated!

Have a great day, y’all!


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Gave my friend a ride to work!   

Never too early to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for this week’s round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!


  1. Heather says

    Can you give us tutorial or approximations of the ingredients that go into your salads? I.e. How much celery, onions, etc?

  2. says

    I spy with my eye… a Very Berry bar – after all?! Näkd can hardly do any wrong, right?
    Okay, it’s a tough choice between the two flavours but I’ll go with Coconut Macaroon.
    Your Healthy Help reminds me of taking care of my mum’s plants while my parents where on holiday when I was still living at home. She’d write down a whole page of instructions for all the different flowers and plants in the garden. (:
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…It’s all [edama]me to meMy Profile

  3. Cassie says

    My healthy help for the week has been helping my boyfriend’s cousin with her final English papers for the end of the school year. It was a long year for her, and she is not such a fan of English- so she is definitely excited to finally able to enjoy summer vacation!

  4. Yoojin says

    Oh man, I’ve always wanted to try these bars! You always show them in your IG (two bars a day, right? :D ) and talk about how amazing they are :)
    I’d love to try the coconut macaroon!

  5. Anie U says

    Those two new Fiber Love flavors sound fantastic! I adore coconut so the coconut macaroon is particularly tempting – hope I get to give it a try soon :)


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