WIAW-The Hunger Games

Okay, okay…so this WIAW doesn’t technically have anything to do with the Hunger Games…buuuut I just thought I ‘d throw it in there since I just finished the  book and am completely obsessed!!! I FINALLY know what all the buzz was about! SUCH a great story! I am starting the second book tomorrow for sure.

(plus…my dad got the movie for us to watch at home WIAW The Hunger Games…really good as well!)

Well luckily the past week has been filled with yummy eats so I haven’t had to contend with my own “hunger games”. And I even was able to snap some pics of some veg-ful meals that fit this months theme! WIN.

WIAW The Hunger Games

Recent eats:

 WIAW The Hunger Games

[matzo, ricotta, cinnamon, and apple]

WIAW The Hunger Games

[taco salad]

WIAW The Hunger Games

Okay, this is kind of random but I saw this at the grocery store the other day…does anyone know if this is breadfruit?! I have always wanted to try it and this was the closest thing to the breadfruit label! Let me know!

WIAW The Hunger Games

[wasa, smoked cheese stick, grapefruit]

WIAW The Hunger Games

[roasted portabella]

WIAW The Hunger Games

[roasted beet salad]

WIAW The Hunger Games

[pb raising tortillas with pears and oranges]

WIAW The Hunger Games

WIAW The Hunger Games

WIAW The Hunger Games

Plus some recent foodie purchases:

WIAW The Hunger Games

I know what you’re thinking….baby food?! But let me explain…I plan on using the fruit and veggie purees for baking! I usually make my own fruit purees to sweeten my baked goods anyways so why not try some of these cool combinations out? Pear, carrot, apricot? Blueberry, plum, banana? Sounds yummy to me! And it goes perfectly with this months theme of getting in some extra veggies! Hopefully I will have some fun new recipes to share with you soon! WIAW The Hunger Games

WIAW The Hunger Games

[Can’t wait to try these out!]


What’s your favorite way to sneak in extra veggies or fruit?


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  1. says

    Haha I never thought about buying baby food to have some puree on hand, but that’s a really smart idea! Especially when I’m making like a single serving thing, and I just need a little bit!

  2. says

    YES for finishing the Hunger Games! Now you can get back to real life haha.. well that’s how I felt anyway, I couldn’t do anything else until it was read!
    Your meals look wonderful too, lots of variety!

  3. says

    The hunger games was AWESOME! I personally think the 2nd book was the best, so I hope you enjoy it! Do I suspect a little illegal activity in getting the movie this early though? ;)

    Meals look awesome, as always. I love how you slice your apples!

  4. says

    The hunger games is the best!! Such a good book! I love the idea of using funky fruit/veggie mashes in baking. I’ll definitely have to try that out!

  5. onehealthymunchkin says

    I’ve seen those Go Raw bars at the store before but I’ve never bought them because they’re $5 each, which is CRAZY! I’m curious to hear if they’re worth it or not!

  6. says

    About the fruit you saw in the grocery store: I don’t think that’s breadfruit. When I buy breadfruit, its skin is usually a lot rougher, kind of covered in bumps (forgive me for my english, I’m from Holland ;-)) I can’t make up from the picture how big the fruits were, but they kinda look like some sort of guavas to me. Am not sure though!

  7. says

    I’m with you on The Hunger Games…reading the last one at the moment and I, too, cannot put the thing down – one of my fave things in life is a book that glues itself to your hands :-) xx


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