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Hey hey hey! How ya doin’ this fine WIAW?! Hope everyone’s week is going well!

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Today, I am really excited to share a product that I’ve been hinting at on Instagram and in my past few WIAWs. Recently, I had the opportunity to try New Gem Foods Origami Wraps! WIAW: Unique Eats! So what exactly are they? Origami Wraps are vegetable and fruit based alternatives to traditional seaweed wraps. They come in a ton of different varieties and flavors. I was sent BBQ, Tomato, Mango, Mango Chipotle, Carrot Ginger, and Pineapple Habanero!

Being a sushi lover as it is and a lover of making my own homemade sushi as well, I was so excited to try these wraps to see how they could take my sushi to a whole new level. What I discovered though, is that these wraps can be used for all sorts of fillings! Not just sushi! They are more sturdy than a typical sheet of nori and thus can stand more ingredients being stuffed into them! I experimented with homemade spring rolls a bunch of times as well as some homemade egg rolls! Both turned out fantastic.

My favorite flavors out of all the wraps were definitely the Mango and the BBQ! The Mango tasted like delicious dried mango and the BBQ had the sweetness and zesty-ness of a delicious BBQ sauce. But honestly, every wrap had a very strong flavor and tasted like exactly what it was supposed to.

All the wraps are only made with fruit and vegetable purees so they are very healthy! No funky ingredients or additives! They are also certified Gluten Free for all of my Celiac people out there. WIAW: Unique Eats! WIAW: Unique Eats! I would love to try the other Origami Wrap flavors as they have 12 varieties in total! These were so fun to experiment with and I can’t wait to try out even more creations with them. I will definitely be ordering more once I’m all out!

Thanks New Gem! Such a unique concept for food!

And now for some other fun eats… WIAW: Unique Eats!   WIAW: Unique Eats! tortillas with laughing cow and tomato//toasted scuffin//sliced pear

WIAW: Unique Eats! rice cakes with humus and cucumber//carrots with Nuttzo//yogurt with cottage cheese and amazing grass//dried apricots and plums//sliced apple

WIAW: Unique Eats! turkey and purple cabbage salad//english muffin with peanut butter and jelly

WIAW: Unique Eats! toasted scuffins//garnet yam// peanut butter//sliced pear

WIAW: Unique Eats! collard green and chickpea salad//tortilla with banana and peanut butter

WIAW: Unique Eats! thai peanut salmon-kelp noodle stir fry//yam with laughing cow

WIAW: Unique Eats! corn puffs, oats, and ezekiel cereal with milk//carrots with peanut butter//dried apricots and prunes//sliced apple//yogurt with cottage cheese and amazing grass

WIAW: Unique Eats!

pears and blueberries with peanut butter

WIAW: Unique Eats! baked bean and cabbage salad//tortilla with cream cheese and jam

WIAW: Unique Eats! turkey chop salad//millet toast

WIAW: Unique Eats! pumpkin pie ALT bar//frozen brownie bite

WIAW: Unique Eats!

 salmon sushi//roasted kabocha//roasted veggies

WIAW: Unique Eats! cheesy tofu nuggets with onions//roasted veggies//roasted kabocha

WIAW: Unique Eats!

 homemade vanilla bean iceream//chopped brownie//chopped chocolate//whey protein crunchies

Anyone else excited for what’s on TV tonight? I have been watching the 3 part History channel series, The World Wars, and the final part is on tonight! I love history so much! Especially WW2 era stuff! Also, I am interested in watching the Edward Snowden interview with Brian Williams. What are you watching tonight?


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Helped a lady wrangle her dogs while I was at the vet with Ella.

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    Hey Kaila! Thanks for the new product share, they sound great! Love how they are all natural ingredients. I will definitely check them out. Also, I’m watching a new reality dating show on TV tonight: I Wanna Marry Harry. It’s kinda cheesy, but really really funny and unique! Check it out sometime. :)

  2. says

    I hope I can find those wraps! I love using unique things to wrap my food up in to switch things up.

    Those TV shows sound intriguing — I’m a secret history nerd and actually minored in it in college. Unfortunately, I will NOT be watching any TV tonight as I’m cheap and only have Hulu/Netflix and I also have to be in bed at the total grandma time of 6 since I have to be up at 2 tomorrow. Oh the joys of working early mornings ;)
    Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie recently posted…New in Review: Fear FoodsMy Profile

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    Do you have an ice-cream maker? Or do you make your ice-cream in a blender? I know I’m definitely going to be craving it this summer and would love to try making my own!

    As always, such a fun and creative round-up of meals!
    Emily recently posted…in defense of funMy Profile

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    those wraps look really interesting! super intrigued! i also need to figure out how to make my own sushi when i’m living in an apartment in a few weeks. recently fallen in love with sushi (especially all the kinds with avocado, haha) and i’m sure it’s a lot cheaper to make it at home than it is to go out!
    Julianna @ Julianna Bananna recently posted…wiaw: eggs and potatoesMy Profile

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