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You caught me. I’ve been a bad blogger babe for yet another week. School is literally consuming my life….so food pics took a total back burner the past few days! But I’ve still been stalking all of your lovely sites and creeping around the web like mad……wow that doesn’t sound weird in the slightest Winking smile.

SO here is a collection of what I guess you could call….What I WISH I Ate Wednesday? Hopefully I will get sometime to cook/bake soon and this stuff will make it into muh belly!

Time for a whirlwind trip around the web!

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Jenn of course!

Katie’s Protein Pumpkin Carob Pie

The Gracious Pantry:

Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins

Mushroom Tomato Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Unique, right!?

Healthy Food for Living’s Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes

HH’s Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread

Susan’s Pumpkin Raisin Biscuits


This looks so incredible! I love all the dried fruit in it!


Perfect Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

HOW cute are those!?!

Oatmeal Date “Cookies”

You all know my love of simple, healthy baked goods!

Did you notice a trend there? *Cough*……pumpkin……*cough*


And now for some of my fave pins for good measure:



Appropriate since Glee is on tonight!

Pinterest…..always good for a laugh.

And as always….

What I Worked:


What I Wore:



Love you all!


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PPS: Submitted my second college app today!! AAAAAAHHHH!


  1. says

    Happy almost Wednesday!!!!

    Oh geez! I am wishing I ate a lot of these recipes! All looks so good!!

    You look adorable in that outfit! Love the headband!

  2. says

    all the recipes look delicious! :)

    yay for submitting college apps! i can’t wait until all of mine are done, which should be before thanksgiving. :)

    i just signed up for pinterest over the weekend and realized what everyone was talking about! it’s freakin awesome!

  3. says

    I love all the pumpkin love in this post. Those biscuits are calling my name! I love all the pins too! I’m I following you? I better be.. if I’m not I’m getting on that ASAP. I would have repinned all of them. I love the freestylin’ one! And I think I spend more like 75% of my shower working up the courage to go out into the cold air. That’s the worst part!

  4. says

    I know exactly how you feel… school has literally been consuming my life lately too! All of that food looks wicked yummy.. I wish I ate that too lol and I love the photos. Pinterest is seriously one of my new favorite websites!

    I might be sending you an email for a guest post. That would be fun!

  5. says

    Now I want to make all those things too! That pumpkin raisin biscuit with drippy icing is seriously calling my name.

    Hahaha that one about the shower is so true! I always like to plan out my dinner when I’m in the shower haha! :P

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