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Grown-Up Lunchables

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A more sophisticated version of your favorite childhood lunch! These Grown-Up Lunchables are made with wholesome, high quality ingredients unlike their processed counterparts and make for an easy, healthy lunch to take on the go. 


1 serving of whole wheat or gluten-free round crackers

3 slices of low-sodium nitrate-free organic turkey

2 slices of organic low-fat provolone cheese

1 cup of green grapes

1 No Added Sugar Juice Box

1 Bob’s Better Bar of choice


Using a sharp knife or a round cookie cutter, cut out circles from the cheese and turkey slices (you can also slice them into 4 quadrants to make it easier). Pack turkey and cheese together in one compartment of your lunchbox or in a small plastic tupperware. Pack grapes and crackers (in seperate containers). Finish by adding a juice box and a Bob’s Better Bar for a healthy sweet treat to end the meal.

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